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Slave of overthinking

I have been a slave of overthinking. I can not stop thinking about how life would have been better if I did things differently. I get so lost in my thoughts. Some of the thoughts are positive, and others are negative. It’s like I am having a conversation with myself: the what-if and maybe thoughts. On the outside, I feel calm but on the inside, I am undergoing millions of feelings. The only time that I am at peace is when I am writing or listening to music. Music and games distract me and make me feel so happy for a moment. I could sit and think for the whole day, not realizing that time is going. Sometimes I get emotional.

This topic is so dear to my heart, but I decided to share my struggles with the world. I think that we should all be kind to one another because everyone is fighting a demon that you have no idea about. It could be an addiction. Instead of making people feel pathetic about their life, it will not cost you anything to be nice. I have come across people who are rude to others, and I always ask myself does this person thinks that tearing someone else down will make their candle burn brighter.


Published by abovetwentylife

Welcome! I started this blog in 2019. I am passionate about writing some of the challenges that adults go through. I hope you find this posts educational and inspiring.

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