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Why attraction fades away?

We are all different. Some of the couples who have been together for years can have a strong attraction that they had when they first met. The rush of attraction is what makes the relationship blossom. The continuity of attraction is what makes the relation keep going. In some instances, this is not the case. Sometimes when the attraction is at its peak, it begins to fade. This can happen overnight or after a couple of years. 

How does attraction grow? 

Attraction involves a lot of factors. Some of the factors we do not have control over. The attraction is entirely out of your hands and it occurs without any warning. Attraction grows and flourishes through continuous encouragement. It also grows with time efforts and attention. When two individuals decide to devote their time and lives to one another attraction can flourish with care. Simple things such as checking up on one another and supporting one another can increase the attraction. 

When attraction fades?

Attraction fades when you focus on the flaws of the other person. When you think of the negative experiences that you have had with someone. Dwelling on the negative experiences that you have had together. Other ways that attraction can fade unintentionally include resentment, distraction, and fatigue. Attracting fading can be frustrating. However, this doesn’t mean that it is the end. 

Losing attraction to your spouse can be frightening. You may feel confused and angry. You can become eager to recapture and reconnect what you had. Loss of attraction can also result in you two going your separate ways. If the attraction has faded you can try to reconnect. Other ways that attraction can fade include lack of communication, distance as well as change in behavior. 


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