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Using the power of positive thinking to transform your life

Positive thinking is an emotional and mental attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects a positive outcome. A person with a positive mindset believes that they can accomplish anything that they put their mind on. He or she can overcome any obstacle and difficulty. Positive thinking is not a concept that everyone believes or follows. Some people consider it nonsense. 

Why is it difficult to think positively?

Humans pay more attention to dark emotions such as sadness, pain, anger and disappointments than we do to great feelings such as contentment, joy, happiness, and gratitude. Good news tends to expire while bad news tends to stick with us. Negativity is addictive.  If the negative thoughts are repetitive our brain will connect synapses that were not previously stimulated to associate those thoughts with other behaviors and turn them into habits 

For instance, if you work at a coffee shop and you do not like your job with the time you may start to despite the smell of coffee. 

How positive thinking affects our day to day activities?

With a positive attitude, we experience happy and pleasant feelings. This brings more happiness and energy. Even our physical fitness and health are affected by beneficially. We feel more confident about ourselves. We walk tall and our voices are more powerful. Both positive thinking and negative thinking are contagious. 

Positive thinking words and phases

Add optimistic, encouraging, motivating and helpful words during a conversation. While speaking try to use these words to drive away negative thoughts. This way you can change your mindset from negative to positive. 

List of words:

Happy, satisfied, successful, motivated, attractive, beautiful, helpful, constructive, inspirational, motivated, kind, charming and patient. 

List of phrases 

I can this

It is possible 

I can and will accomplish my goal

I am beautiful 

It is within my reach 

Some of the ways that you can change your way of thinking are through:

  1. Ignoring what other people say about you and speak positively about yourself. 
  2. Smile more since it helps to think positively. 
  3. Once a negative thought is in your mind. You need to be aware of it and replace it with a constructive one. 
  4. It does not matter what situation you are in think positively. 
  5. Another method is the repetition of affirmation.  

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