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Should I make the first move?

Traditionally the man was the one who was supposed to make the first move. However, things have changed in the interpersonal relationship. Most women these days initiate a relationship. Those who still believe that men should make the first move will tell you that you should go with the flow. Women expect men to initiate a conversation. The line between gender is quite blurred. Some people may oppose or support this, but men are better at handling rejection.

Before a man approaches a woman and begins to have a conversation, he has overcome some obstacles. He gathers his courage and gets rid of the doubt. All shy men would love to shift the burden of having to make the first move. When a woman makes the first move, this means that she is courageous and brave. Due to technology, there are several ways that one can use to approach the other person. They include asking them a question, complimenting them, sending a message, and greeting the person.

It is important to note that it does not matter who approached the first move. If the man makes the first move, it does not mean that the relationship is better.


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