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I knew you would replace me but i never thought it would be this fast

Hello, I hope you are doing alright. The latest song by Selena Gomez is my current favourite song. People always promise the world and the people that you thought will stay with you forever end up leaving you. I have been in a state where accepting the reality of things was so hard. Saying goodbye hurts but seeing you with someone else was more painful. It felt like a bullet going through my chest. I cried every night with the hope that you will be mine again. Getting out of bed was a struggle. I had lost myself.

I have found myself saying this statement, ” I knew you would replace me, but I never thought it would be this fast”. We all date for a reason, and somehow we hope that it would last forever. We made future plan such as the day we will get married. We also agree on how many children we shall have. We could not even imagine our lives apart and then all over sudden you want a future with someone else.

I have also reached a point in my life where I thought what I had with him was something special. I thought that was true love. He threw me away like a piece of trash. Love made me look like a fool. You kept telling me that I hold a special place in your heart, but your actions showed otherwise. Did you even really love me?


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Welcome! I started this blog in 2019. I am passionate about writing some of the challenges that adults go through. I hope you find this posts educational and inspiring.

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