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Is flirting cheating?

Hey, I hope you are doing great and working hard on those 2019 goals. Today i am going to be talking about flirting when in a committed relationship. I will be answering questions like What is flirting? Is flirting cheating? Is flirting OK? . I will also talk about my experience.


Let me start by explaining what flirting is when someone behaves like they are physically attracted to you. This can be by the way they laugh, the way they look at you and compliments. Cheating can be done online when you slide into the DM of someone you are personally attracted too, at the work place, with your ex or in the club. I personally believe that if you are dating or in a relationship and you delete a message from someone you are attracted to thats already cheating

My experience.

During my dating years i meet this dude that i loved too much. He was flirting online at first this was not an issue because we had not started dating. I never even talked about it during out friendship period. We decided to date and i could see him flirting with ladies online

I was not comfortable with that behavior at all. I would go through his phone and find really disturbing messages. Love can really make us do stupid things. I decided let me just talk to him. He can change. (lol). After he found out i knew he was flirting he changed his password.

This is the time when i decided to leave because he was never going to change and i am never going to with stand this character. Emotional cheating hurts so much because this person is sharing his/her heart with somebody else. This is the time i knew you can not serve someone loyalty and all they can offer is flirting. I knew i had to love myself more.


Their is a saying that says do to others what you would like them to do for you. This applies in relationships and friendships too. If you can not be comfortable when your partner flirts, then do not do it


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3 thoughts on “Is flirting cheating?

  1. I suffer from OCF ( Obsessive Compulsive Flirt),
    You really went through his phone? ….That´s a new one.
    For me the good thing is that I don´t have anything to hide. So they can look at my phone all day and not find anything that people might find disrespectul to them or if they feel they are being cheated.
    Qucik story: I called my mother to say hello, we talked and she suddenly says that she has been talking to Miriam, I say how in the world did she got your cellphone? My mothers response was, are you really that dumb?
    I´m a flirting guy even if I´m in a relationship and she is right next to me at the time that I say, wow! she has a nice ass the other girl. Just depends on who you are with and know that she will take my sillyness.

    Point being, it goes both ways.

    It was an interesting read. Loooove ya!

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