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Understanding your partner love language can save your marriage.

Hey i hope you are doing FINE and winning in everything be it school, relationships and life in general. Today i want us to talk about love language . The different types of love language. Comment down below your love language.

We all express love differences and understanding this differences can really save marriages and relationships. Their are five ways people understand and speak emotional love. To save your marriage or relationship it is important to know your partner or spouse love language. This will reduce arguments since one is able to understand the other persons feelings.

Word of affirmation is one of the love language . It involves the use of appreciative word. Everyone is different some people feel more loved when someone appreciates their efforts. Using words like thank you for taking the garbage out make them feel special.

Gift is another way of expressing love towards your spouse. This may include simple gifts like chocolate. Have you ever been gifted something and you can’t stop thinking how special you are to your significant other.

Act of service is whereby you do something for your partner and they feel loved and appreciated. This services may include cooking a meal, washing the dishes and washing clothes . Physical touch is where you feel most loved when your better half hugs or touches you.

Having time for your significant other is also a way to communicate your love. This can be as simple as watching the television together. Walking together. Listening to your partner when they speak.

In conclusion it is so important to know or be aware of your partners love language. This may save relationships and marriage since you are able to understand and express love to your spouse.


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