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Rebound Relationships

Hey today am going to be talking about rebound relationships someone is probably asking themselves what is a Rebound Relationship? How long do they last on average? Are rebound relationships good ? I am here to talk about this and give my genuine opinion about this topic. Comment down below what you personally think about rebound relationships and whether they are good.


A rebound relationship is whereby you get into a relationship shortly after you break up with your previous partner. Everyone needs some time to be by themselves especially after a break up. After a breakup one is always so stressed up and its very difficult to accept that your ex is gone and that what you shared will just be a memory. People react differently to break ups and pain some people may find themselves in bad company, other drink alcohol , some decide to move on with new partners only a few people with think of taking time to just focus on themselves.

For those who think of moving into another relationship with a completely different person it maybe due to the pain and all they need is someone to hug them and be there for them. However this may trigger some questions are you there to love me ? Are you here to just get over your ex? or Am i just a substitute of what you lost?

Remember at this stage you are moving on but you are not emotionally stable to even love another person wholeheartedly . This is a very tricky stage because at some point you may find yourself back and forth at times you feel you need you ex back and at time you feel content. Comparison may arise between your previous and current partner in terms of characters and personality

Those on rebound relationships may experience shame, anger and bitterness toward their previous partners. Before one can decide to fully move to another relationship its so important to take a break. Look for other things to focus on it might be your career or look for a hobby. Letting go may take some time but trust the process.


In my opinion most of the rebound relationships do not last long. During that moment of letting go, be good to yourself love yourself more( take yourself out buy yourself some coffee , buy a dress, wake up dress like a queen) .Make sure you are growing spiritually and emotionally.


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