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4 Ways to relax when you feel overwhelmed

It is essential to balance both work life and home life. Overwhelmed with family responsibilities, work and health issues are culprits that can lead to anxiety and stress which manifests differently in each and every one of us. Some of us are becoming better at identifying what can trigger us to feel these. It is important to know when to detach yourself from work so that you can enjoy relaxation.

I have been a victim of overworking and not knowing when to stop working. Working from home can be overwhelming. I have found myself sleeping past midnight working on a project. This year one of my resolutions was coming up with a schedule and giving myself a break when I feel that I need to. Little things such as taking a long shower help me relax. I have also come up with a self-care routine.

Here are 4 ways you can relax after a stressful day both mentally and physical

  1. Take a walk

One of my favorite ways to relax is to take a nature walk. You get to enjoy the fresh air and this can be very peaceful and therapeutic. Walking with your friends can be a nice way to find social support. Walking alone will give you time to reflect, reframe and return with a more optimistic mindset.

2. Take a bubble bath

When I need to be alone and relax I take a bubble bath or long showers. I also love listening to music. Music is a good way to connect with your emotions. Tune in some music that helps you relax and feel good.

3. Journal

One of the great ways to release negative thoughts is through journaling. I love writing down my frustrations and thoughts. This method has worked for me. Writing down what you feel at that moment will help you to process your feelings.

4. Watching movies

Watching movies are a great way of getting your mind off reality. When I am stressed I tend to watch comedy movies on Netflix.

It is essential to make time for yourself so that you can recharge. Once you have calmed down, you will be in a better position to address the issues that you are facing.


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