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5 Gestures that Make people feel incredibly loved

In a world that has been dominated by electronic communication, and technology it is easy to understand that we have lost human interaction and left behind the gestures that make people feel incredibly loved. Little things such as a kiss on the forehead, and two strangers exchanging smiles. Some of these things can seem casual.

If you don’t know what type of gestures to give your friends to make them feel incredibly loved. These may help you.

  • Handwritten letters

One thing that makes me feel incredibly loved is when someone takes time to write a letter or make a card for me, especially when I am having a bad day. It shows that you care about making someone happy.

  • Buying for them their favourite food or snack

Buying for me my favourite food or snack will make me feel loved and special. When your friends tell you that they feel a little down do not forget to bring them food that you know will cheer him or her up.

  • Remembering the details.

Research shows that in a day, a person listens to more than 20,000 words and they can only remember 17 to 25 percent. If a person remembers something specific about you then they really care

  • Say “I love you.”

Expressing your feelings towards someone is also a way to let them know that you love them.

  • Cooking for someone

Cooking a person’s favourite meal makes them feel happy and loved. Even when a friend invites me for dinner I feel loved.

  • Calling to check up on someone

Most people today communicate through social media. Picking a phone and calling your friend makes them feel special since this is a sign that you are thinking about them. The conversation does not have to be long but it definitely means a lot to them.

It is true what people say small things go a long way. What small gestures make you feel loved?


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