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Challenge of Single Parenting

In the past decade single parenting has become more common as compare to nuclear families. Single parent families can be headed by fathers, mother and grandparents. Life as a single parent can be quite stressful for both the children and the adult. Single parents are likely to feel overwhelmed since they have to juggle going to work, paying bills, doing the house chores and taking care of the children.

Some of the issues that single parents face includes:

  • Custody problems.

If you are a single parent it is important to understand your custody rights. Most of the people associate custody rights with couples who are married. Custody is also a vital topic facing unmarried parents. The law automatically gives custody rights to the mother. Mothers can lose custody rights when the child is mature enough to decide where he or she wants to stay. Child custody is a very sensitive topic that can lead to conflict between family member and parents.

Some of the challenges that single parents go through include:

  • Less opportunity for parents and children to spend time with one another.

Most of the single parents are bread winners therefore they have to go to work. Due to their busy schedule they have no other option but to take their children to day care.

  • Effect of the break up on children school performance.

Single parenting can happen due to a number of reason death of your partner or divorce. Divorce affects children mentally which may result into lower grades. They are also likely to be held a grade back. It becomes hard to know what the child thinks about change in family.

  • Problems of parents dating other people

As a single parent one of the greatest problem is being in a new relationship. Some of the fears that single parents have is whether the child and your partner will get along.


What do you think are other challenges single parents go through?


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