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Signs That Your Partner Is Living with Depression


Depression is not good and it is not to be glorified neither is it beautiful. The feeling of depression makes you long for an ordinary day where task like preparing morning coffee was not extraordinary to you. When you find yourself longing for ordinary days then this means that something is off balance in your life. Depression is classified as a mood disorder. It can be described as the feeling of anger, sadness and loss. It may be more crushing to realize that your partner is suffering from depression. Here are 5 signs that your partner is going through depression.

  • Altered sleeping partner

Your partner may move from sleeping too much to hardly sleeping. He or she might have a lot going on in his or her mind. Your partner may also lose concentration very fast. Your partner is likely to suffer from insomnia. And anxiety may keep them awake at night. When sleeping you will notice that your partner tosses and turns a lot in bed. If this is the case, then take this opportunity to ask your partner what is going on and how may you be of help to them. Another way of assisting your partner is listening to them. Ensure that you are available for them. Do not be too quick to judge your partner and allow him or her to open up.

  • Loss of Interest

The early signs of depression are loss of interest. The activities that your partner saw fun and enjoyable are no longer fun. For example, if he was a fun of watching football and then all of a sudden he becomes non interested. It can also be an event that your partner was looking forward to go for months. The longer this goes on the harder it is for your partner to start caring again. During this period, it is important for you to encourage your partner to join low-stake activities.

  • Loss of sexual desires

Depression causes chemical imbalances in our body. The chemical that is responsible for the desire for sex may be thrown off. Your partner is likely to experience a shift in sex drive. Research shows that 45% of individuals with untreated depression experience sexual dysfunctional while 63% of people who are depressed but are on medication suffer from it too. The best way of dealing with depression is seeking professional help and listening to your partner.


Depression is described as a mood disorder. In order to help your partner deal with depression it is important to listen to them without judging them. Be available for your partner this will help them open up. Use the conversation to judge if the symptoms are improving or decreasing.


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