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Things that i personally struggle with.

Hey i am supper grateful for 24 followers you guys are amazing. I hope everyone is doing great and living his or her best life. I also hope that you are winning those 2019 goals that you set late or early last year.

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Today i wanted to share things that i struggle and most probably you can relate to some of them.

  1. High expectation

I am a very ambitious person and i tend to set my bars so high. I plan in advance and when things do not work out my way i get so discouraged. Expecting a lot can make you frustrated. I have learnt to take one step at a time and prepare for the worst. Just like everyone else people that i expected so much from have disappointed me at some point.

2. i am impatient

Patients for me is something that i really struggle with. I want this to move too fast. I get so frustrated and to cope with this i tend to worry less.

3. letting go of things.

This is quite different for me. When i am angry at someone, i tend to be so quite. I can go silent on someone for a very long time maybe for years. I find it so hard to let go off. Recently i have learnt the importance of forgiving others and it is in forgiving others that you find peace.

4. I care so much about what people say.

Sometimes i let what people say become a part of me. I care too much about what people say and i sometimes put other peoples happiness before mine. Opinions can be from friends or family and they sometimes have a positive and negative impact. I have learnt that you cannot control peoples opinion on you but you have the ability to control what it makes you become. I will not let people’s opinion define me.

We are all human and we all struggle with one thing or another. You are not alone. Stop letting peoples opinions define you, forgive more, be happy with your mess and above all BE YOU.


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Welcome! I started this blog in 2019. I am passionate about writing some of the challenges that adults go through. I hope you find this posts educational and inspiring.

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