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Most embarrassing high-school experience. Story Time

Today am going to be doing something different. Its story time. If you have not followed my blog please do so. If you like this blog comment down below and i might consider weekly story times.

When i was in high school we used to wake up so early. By 3:50 am i was always up and by 4: 20 we were actually in class. Morning preps took around 1 hr 30 minutes. The day would end at 10 pm. YOH! Life was hard i was in a boarding school. Whether it was a 10 minutes break i would always sleeping and, during lunch time i was always sleeping. I was sleeping even when the teacher was busy teaching. I wasn’t the kind of student to try not to sleep or rather to hold it in. When i was sleepy i would literally dose-off on the desk.

Image result for sleeping in class gif clips

I used to dose in dorm and when the teacher came i would jump out of the door near the nearest window or run to the toilet.

Image result for jumping out of the window in class gif clips

So on this particular day i overslept. THE DEVIL IS A LIAR. It was actually on a Monday. The dorms were not locked . The teacher came in checking if their were students that were sleeping and my bed was opposite the door. I open my eyes and the first thing i see is the teachers face. She told me to give her my name and my parents name and where they work then go to class.

After morning preps we had breakfast then assembly. During the announcement part the teacher on duty said called my name like this” Tan the daughter of Tim working in ABC company was caught sleeping in the dorm during morning preps” I was so embarrassed and luckily the head master was not in on that day. Who know what would have happened to me.


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