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Dealing with finances

I have been thinking about this a lot off-late and i would like to know how to you guys manage your money. I am not the best in financial management but i try. Honestly, I was a spendthrift. I spent most of my money on food and clothes. I was always on Boohoo looking at whats trending. I would shop so much that i could not account for my money.

However this days i always make sure i budget my money. I do this a week before i get paid. My house rent and food bill always come top on my list of expenses and off-course i have to pay monthly for my WIFI. I follow my budget keenly to avoid purchasing unnecessary stuffs this has really helped me a lot.

I always give 10% of my salary as tithe then save 30% . I have also been using a couple of apps to help track my spending behavior. This has helped me a lot. I have seen a huge difference when i budget my money. I tell my money where it should go. If you have some tips share with your sister. Let me know what you think dear.


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Welcome! I started this blog in 2019. I am passionate about writing some of the challenges that adults go through. I hope you find this posts educational and inspiring.

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