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Outgrowing Friends

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Is there any such thing as outgrowing friends? when i was younger i never though this was true. I thought if you are someones friends its a forever thing. No one says good bye.

My experience

When i joined college i made a lot of friends. We talked a lot. It was an awesome experience. Then i graduated and left school and things have changed since then we no longer talk. This does not mean we are not in good terms. I think when you are in school all of you have a common goal. Thats why interacting becomes easier. When the goal is achieved its time to move on.

Everyone decides the path they are going to take in life some get employed, other decide to continue with their education and as for me i decided to become a freelancer.

I wanted to share some of the signs you’re outgrowing friends

  1. Busy

When both of you are too busy trying to make ends meet that you don’t create time for one another. Friendships require time and effort.

2. The only thing you have in common is the past

When you have a friend and the only thing that you can discuss about is the past. For example college life. At this point you run out of things to talk about.

3. Crave for new friends

Sometimes when you feel their is no bond that connect you to your old friends. You feel the need to look for new friends. People you can talk to and they can understand you.

4. When you really do not care.

Days go by and no one bothers to call the other person and know how they are fairing on. No one makes an effort to even plan how you are going to meet.


It can be frustrating at time to loose friends. It is absolutely normal to lose friend. I personally find myself more attached to my childhood friends. We constantly talk and meet.


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