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How money ruins relationships?

Money is the source of all evil. Today am going to be talking about why money is important in a relationship? How to deal with money in a relationship? How money can ruin your relationship? How to solve money problems in relationships and marriage?

Did you know that Money is the number one issue why couples fight and get divorced. Ways in which money can ruin relationship may include having a separate bank. Marriage is a partnership as a couple you need to keep your money together and deal with it as a whole this will reduce arguments.

Having different lifestyles may affect marriages and relationships. This is whereby all the other partner wants is expensive items some of which are not affordable. Your lifestyle should match your actual income. You can resolve this by understanding and agreeing with each other on alternative brands.

Salary difference might be a big issue in relationships. One partner may feel as thou they are contributing too much as compared to the other person. You should treat the money as ours and not mine. By doing this their will be less arguments and fights and a happy marriage.

Being unfaithful intern of finances can hugely affect marriage. For example opening a separate bank account without your partners knowledge. However, you can resolve this by being honest and open to each other about secret accounts.

Having huge financial expectation from your spouse can really affect your relationship. This financial expectations may include buying a house and going for vacations. Have low expectations from your spouse. Live and current moment. Its okay to have financial goals.

In conclusion the best way to solve money problems is to treat money as “ours” and not “mine”. Be open and honest to your partner about finances. Remember marriage is a partnership.


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