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20 Things i wish i knew before i was 20.

Today am going to talk about twenty things i wish i knew before i was twenty years old. Comment down below on what you wish you knew before you were twenty. Twenties are one of the tricky age in a persons life. The pressure and expectations from the society are high in terms of your career and relationship.

  1. I wish i knew that not all friends will last forever. You can outgrow some friend and its ok. Be willing to let go toxic relationships.
  2. Know your worth and do not let people disrespect you. love yourself more and be strong enough to let go.
  3. Ensure you have a strategy in place to save money. This money can be for emergency purposes or for investment.
  4. Make sure you eat healthy and exercise this will reduces cases like heart diseases.
  5. You will not prosper in everything but do not be afraid to try. Remember the greatest risk is not risking anything.
  6. Be different. People who succeed in life do things differently. Do not aspire to be like others. Be the best version of yourself.
  7. Spend your time wisely. We all have 24 hours in a day but what you do with the 24 will either make you successful or poor.
  8. Do not make excuses or procrastinate activities. Ensure you have a schedule everyday and when you are done with a task ensure you tick it. This will help you account for your time and make no excuse.
  9. Self discipline is very important. If you want to be successful ensure you are disciple if you are supposed to start a project in the morning. Wake up early and start working on it.
  10. Do everything with all your heart as thou you are doing it for the Lord and not for men.
  11. Have a long term and short term goal. Short term goal may be for example i want to have to blog post up everyday.
  12. Be happy always and grateful for every thing. Have fun life is short.
  13. The world can be cruel at time but be nice and kind always. Smile more you never know whose day you will light up.
  14. Communicate with your parents often. They are the only people who sincerely want the best for you.
  15. Travel and enjoy life. Go for vacation once in a while.
  16. If you want something go for it. If you want to start a Youtube channel start do not wait. If you want to be a blogger start now.
  17. Read books about self improvement it can be about financial management.
  18. Do not quit. Continue moving. If you really want something go for it.
  19. Be a reflection of what you want be it character wise.
  20. Learn to completely let go you ex. This could affect your future relationships so let go. If they are not meant for you do not force things you may end up getting hurt in the process.


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