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Is taking a break in a relationship important?

Growing up my parents were so strict. I really din’t have any serious relationships until after high school. I was 18, men were interested in me and i did not have anyone to talk to or guide me during this stage. I was left all alone to figure out this stage of my life. I clearly remember looking at my self and saying ” YES GIRL YOU ARE NOW OLD ENOUGH TO DATE”.

Looking back i probably think this was the most weird thing i ever told myself( lol) Putting in mind the fact that i was a newbie acting like an expert. I made a lot of mistakes some of which i regret to date. One of the mistakes i made was never taking a break in relationships.

Everyone can grow tired of a relationship to a point where you contemplate on whether to say goodbye or stay for better for worse. I have personally experienced this. At this stage you can try so hard to work things out but it may seem impossible this does not mean you don’t love each other. This only means you are loosing connections with each other.

At this point, both of you need to take a break just to reflect on; why you choose this person? What do you like most about that person? what is making you feel this way? During this period you need to have rules for example do not date someone else we are still in a relationship, we should check on each other at least once in a week and agree to share both the bad and good experience that happen in our life. In short have boundaries during the break period.

In conclusion i would say taking a break is so important relationships can be a little bit hectic at some point. Saying goodbye may not actually be the best option.




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4 thoughts on “Is taking a break in a relationship important?

  1. Hi There,
    When you are young you fall in and out of love all the time, but sometimes in your youth, you find someone that you just can’t do without. That person becomes the focus of your life so much so that you find yourself breathing through their lungs. When you find that you want a break take one and not always–after taking that break–do you want to come back.

    Then you get older and love becomes less intense and more thought out. You are able to explain your feelings more and get a better understanding of your needs rather than the needs of the relationship. Bottom line, you have got to love you, feel comfortable with you for without your peace of mind and emotional stability there is no relationship.

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  2. If you can survive the early stages with just a few scares you’ll do just fine. The years between 19 and 24 seem to be the hardest for many. I don’t know why it’s that age but it just is.

    Having strict parents can set you behind. Sorry to hear that. All that did was make things harder than they should.

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